About Intraband

Intraband, LLC was established to develop QCL products exploiting the bandgap engineering capability and product reliability provided by MOCVD growth. Working together with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the company has developed new QCL technologies that enable high-power, high-efficiency, reliable QCL operation with excellent beam quality. The management team includes Professor Dan Botez, Professor Luke Mawst, and Rob Marsland who serves as President.

Key Intraband technologies, exclusively licensed from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), include QCL design approaches the team has used to achieve state-of-the-art, multi-Watt CW and peak-pulsed powers from MOCVD-grown QCL single edge emitters. The company also has technologies for surface emitting and coherent arrayed QCLs.

Intraband is based at the University Research Park in Madison, WI, with research operations carried out there and at the Reed Center for Photonics at UW-Madison. These facilities include the Metal-Organic Chemical-Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) equipment and processing labs critical to QCL fabrication as well as equipment for mid-infrared (4-12 µm) laser characterization, life testing, and failure analysis.

Management Team

Dan Botez


Dan Botez, Scientist, is the Philip Dunham Reed Professor in the ECE Department at the University of Wisconsin (UW)-Madison. At RCA Labs he created novel types of high-power single-mode lasers, one of which became the highest-power commercially available single-mode laser during 1981-1986. In 1990, while Senior Staff Scientist at the TRW, he led the team that “broke” the 1-Watt coherent-power barrier for diode lasers. At UW-Madison his research resulted in high CW power and wall-plug efficiency from near-infrared diode lasers, which became commercial products of Alfalight. Together with Alfalight researchers, he was part of the team that “broke” the 70 % CW wall-plug efficiency barrier (2005), setting a 73 % world record. Since 2002 he has focused on high-power mid-infrared QCLs. He has over 340 refereed publications, holds 56 patents, and is a Fellow of IEEE and OSA.

Robert Marsland


Robert Marsland, President, has been a cofounder and leader in several technology companies and responsible for numerous successful product launches. He was one of four co-founders at New Focus, Inc. in 1990 and launched an award-winning high-speed photodetector product line. He led design efforts for tunable laser controllers there and later patented a miniaturized QCL laser controller while working with Daylight Solutions. New Focus, Inc. had a successful exit with its March 2000 IPO and later technology sales to Bookham, Intel, and Finisar. He was the founder of Optametra, LLC in 2007 as well as co-founder of Intraband, LLC the same year. At Optametra he led the development and launch of the company’s optical modulation analyzer for complex optical signals. Optametra was sold to Tektronix, Inc. in 2011.

Luke J. Mawst


Luke J. Mawst, Scientist, is a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has more than 25 years of professional experience in compound semiconductor materials and devices and has produced more than 250 publications and 26 patents issued in this field. He is a Fellow of IEEE (2011). Prof. Mawst has industrial experience as well as extensive experience with technology transfer between university and industry. Specifically, he was a founder of Alfalight Inc. of Madison, Wisconsin; a manufacturer of high power semiconductor lasers which have demonstrated world record power conversion efficiency. His expertise is in semiconductor materials growth using MOCVD, device design, and complex device fabrication.

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